Parks and nature

The Piedmont lakes: parks and unspoilt nature

The surrounding valleys on the territory of Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta and Lake Mergozzo are amongst the most beautiful in Italy, and are stunning natural parks and preserves.

If you wish, the official guides of the National Park of Val Grande will guide you around the biggest wilderness Italian area, defined by unspoilt and precious nature, a grand heritage for Italy and Europe.

Moving towards Valle Anzasca, you will find the faunistic oasis of Macugnaga, at the bottom of the imposing and majestic Mount Rosa, as well as the Regional Park of Alpe Veglia and Devero, the natural preserve of Fondotoce in Verbania, and the WWF Oasis Pian dei Sali in the Vigezzo Valley, and Bosco Tenso in the Ossola Valley.

Unesco World Heritage are then the Calvary Sacred Mount in Domodossola, the Sacred Mount of the Holy Trinity in Ghiffa, and the Sacred Mount in Orta, dedicated to St. Francis of Assisis.

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