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We’ve kept more promises than we’ve even made,’ he said. DHSC had set up a 24/7 payments system for procurement with Asia – imagine if NHS staff wearing bin bags had realised that DHSC had not even set up a round-the-clock system at this point, imagine the rage in No10 when we discovered this, exacerbated by people telling us that Hancock was focused on his press conference at the end of the month. ‘The group was set up a few weeks ago but nobody’s posted anything yet. Trump won the county by a 70-25 margin over Hillary Clinton in 2016, one of the most lopsided results in the swing state. Trump brought a blue-collar message to a working-class region of a key swing state, boasting that America’s unemployment statistics – including a record low in the Keystone State – would make 2020 a cakewalk. He also defended his record in two areas that voters have given him low marks: his handling of race relations and his response to the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more than 119,000 Americans.

He claimed he’s done more for Black Americans than Biden. In his nearly 1 hour and 41 minute speech, Trump railed against his rival ‘Sleepy Joe’ and claimed he was controlled by the ‘radical left.’ His speech painted a fearful picture of life in America under a President Joe Biden, where people wouldn’t be able to own a gun or go to church, and where mob rule would be a way of life. The way it works now is good, you want to try and to keep it that way. He saw the facilities and how hard we train and how we want to do everything properly. I wouldn’t say I was just happy to be there, but I was up against some serious players and I saw it all as a really good experience. No, no. I’d say 150,’ Trump said. The rally in Tulsa was painted as the event that would reset the Trump campaign, bring the president back up in the polls, and let Trump enjoy the cheers of supporters – the kind of energy he craves and thrives off of. And the Justice Department had thumbed its nose at the president’s congressional antagonists, refusing to let former White House Counsel Don McGahn testify on Capitol Hill.

Windsor, which is dominated by the royal castle, was decorated with swathes of red, wave stocking cap white and blue “Union Jack” flags. This evening he was given a warm welcome to the rural Co Clare village – population 262 – where locals waved American flags and some donned the Make America Great Again cap. Shortly after the American president and his wife Melania touched down at the Doonbeg golf resort, the village erupted into a carnival of celebration with ceili music and Irish dancers taking over the main street. Great, great woman’ as he and Melania went to board his Marine One helicopter. Mr Trump and First Lady Melania Trump will spend two nights at the president’s Doonbeg hotel and golf resort in Co Clare. His arrival in Ireland comes amid a massive security operation in west Co Clare. Mr Trump and his wife Melania, who moved on to Ireland this afternoon before going to France tomorrow, joined the monarch and Prince Charles to speak to some of the 300 Second World War veterans who fought on the Normandy beaches 75 years ago. Hours earlier the Queen paid tribute to ‘my generation’ after another British veteran received an ovation from the monarch and Mr Trump as he described his ‘mates who didn’t come back’ from France.

He will use the luxury facility as a base to travel to France on Thursday for D-Day commemorations. Ms Inkster’s travel agent secured her a flight leaving the country on August 15 but an administrative issue meant the airline did not receive confirmation for the second leg of her journey. As they posed for the final photograph at the D-Day 75 commemoration event in Portsmouth, the President told the Queen: ‘It was a great honour to be with you’ and Her Majesty replied: ‘I hope you come to this country again soon’. Donald Trump has left Britain at the end of his whirlwind three-day state visit after the Queen told him: ‘I hope you come to this country again soon’. ‘I would never have just come over here to play games,’ he added. Graph shows: The rising prevalence of the Indian ‘Delta’ Covid variant (VOC-21APR-02) over time. No10’s top scientists fear the Indian strain could be up to 60 per cent more transmissible than the once dominant Kent version and SAGE modellers fear it will trigger a ‘substantial’ third wave. A top executive (who’s since left Disney to lead TikTok) said Disney Plus could possibly revive the canceled shows.

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