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NEW YORK (AP) – Plastic junk is floating widely on the world’s oceans, but there’s less of it than expected, a study says. The sixth day starts with a promise – Beefy says we’re about to see the ‘real South Africa’ on our walk around Soweto. Some go along on such trips and see barely a footprint. Like all safari-goers, we are desperate to see the ‘Big Five’ (elephant, lion, rhino, satin wave cap buffalo and leopard) and are not disappointed. ‘You sit in one place for half an hour and you see half the island walk past,’ said James. ‘It normally takes half an hour but if the waves are more than three foot it takes a detour and goes three hours to the left,’ he said. Wherever he goes he gets attention,’ said Jeffs. There are several English players at IBV, including Ian Jeffs and Matt Garner, who played at Crewe, but have been in Iceland for nearly a decade and have started families in the Westman Islands.

The day’s walking is complete in a couple of hours and soon the walkers are soothing their aching muscles in the hotel pool. Two hours to kick-off and Heimaey is deserted. And while Democrats are likely to retain control for two more years, their current 232-197 majority could easily shrink. But quite a lot of the crew are suffering – Rooster and his assistant, Nick, have to set up a makeshift field hospital for all the blisters and bruised nails. President Donald Trump on Sunday made a last-minute, surprise visit to his supporters outside Walter Reed Medical Center, briefing leaving his hospital room to thank the cheering loyalists. Five years ago, they were both at Wembley winning the FA Cup with Portsmouth but on Sunday they started the Icelandic season with a 1-0 win in front of about a thousand fans and caught the last ferry of the day to the mainland.

Last week, 20 wave caps this England international of 53 caps joined the effort to put up advertising boards in extreme weather conditions. The Senate should do the humane thing and ease those conditions. ‘It’s cold, there’s not much to do and sometimes the boat doesn’t go for days on end.’ Islanders commit to a hard slog through the dark winter and ease off when summer comes. France has recorded its hottest ever temperature of 113F (44.3C) as Europe sweltered in an early summer heatwave already blamed for several deaths. Ms Inkster and her partner Joseph travelled to Africa via Europe in March for business. Eight days later the DRC shut its borders as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold globally, leaving Ms Inkster separated from her two young children back home on Sydney’s northern beaches. The man pulled a large blade on them and had attempted to corner Ms Inkster before her fiance Joe Bagala jumped in front of her to scare the attacker away. A man with a gun on his back climbs out of a field over a gate and a teenage boy in an IBV tracksuit, and Manchester United hat, kicks a football in the street.

For a man never more in his element than when sticking it to our antipodean foes, you have to say it’s a most fitting way to go out. We’re also joined by the dogs trained by the Chipembere Rhino Foundation – another of our charities – to sniff out poachers trying to smuggle rhino horn from the game reserves. As Duncan says: ‘I have a saying that I actually made into a bumper sticker – ‘All rhino poachers will be judged by God. Whoever emerges as the winner, that division ensures that the next president will face significant gridlock in Congress, skepticism about the integrity of the vote and an agitated electorate increasingly divided by race, education and geography. Trump’s Twitter rant comes as questions continue to mount over his health as doctors and White House officials have presented conflicting information about the status of the president since his positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

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